Monica Ramos Illustration

Comfort Food: Monica Ramos Illustrations

Anyone on a new year diet, look away now… Manila based illustrator Monica Ramos has created these cute, pastel coloured illustrations picturing people bathing in their favourite breakfast cereal and even carb overload pasta bake! Aren’t they just scrumptious?…

Monica Ramos Illustration

Monica Ramos Illustration

Monica Ramos Illustration

Monica Ramos Illustration

If you like these, you’ll love the rest of her work. See more illustration here.

Stuart Mcalpine Miller Art

The Best of Brogues In A Coffee Bar 2014

So, it’s almost 2015! A new year and almost 10 months since the beginning of Brogues In A Coffee Bar. I must say what a year it has been… Firstly, let me thank all you wonderful readers and followers. I have some exciting things coming up in 2015, more art, sculpture, book reviews and more artist interviews. To keep informed and receive exclusive news and art inspiration you can join the Brogues In A Coffee Bar mailing list here.

To celebrate a fantastic first 10 months blogging here is a list of the top 15 posts from 2014…

 1) Being my first artist interview, this is also my personal favourite. Malcolm Ryan is such a lovely man, his work is just stunning. Read more in Artist Interview: Domestic Paintings By Malcolm Ryan.

2) Another artist interview with Neill Fuller, I will definitely be writing more interviews for you guys!

3) The Enchanting and Secret World of Ryder.

4) My exhibition review and memoir from a trip to The Museum Of Modern Art in Arnhem, Holland…Threads: Textiles In Art & Design.

5) A highlight from 2014 has to be being nominated for the UK Blog Awards which went to pubic vote throughout November. To celebrate this I held Brogues In A Coffee Bar’s very first art giveaway.

6) An early post featuring Nic Joly’s Dantes Interno.

7) Folkestone Triennial 2014: The Goldrush.

8) Overlapping Images & The Eroticism Of Everyday Life featuring artwork from Stuart McAlpine Miller, Chris Acheson and Horyon Lee.

9) Another post about sculptor Nic Joly… World War One commemoration, Never Forgotten.

10) Book Review: Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix… One of the most terrifying books I have read in a long time!

11) Raphael Mazzucco ‘Montauk’ Launch, Mayfair.

12) ‘Olivia’ by Alex Russell Flint, she is just stunning!

13) Drawings by Mark Powell.

14) Frieze Art Fair feature Corrado K, AKA: ‘The Collector’

15) It’s the secret artist again, painting under a pseudonym Ryder ‘Winter’s Warm Hearts’.

For more inspiration, affordable artwork and features do keep checking back in 2015!

Jen Wink Artwork Gallery

Geometric Crowds by Jen Wink ;)

Artist/illustrator Jen Wink currently lived in New York City where there is no end of hustle and bustle for her to glean inspiration. Her work walks the line between representation and abstraction, often seeming quite simple but with a lot of movement. Delicate shapes fall into the space and bounce off one another. I love the simplicity and you can buy original pieces from Jen for around $1,500, they’d add a fantastic splash of colour to any space!

Jen Wink Artwork

Jen Wink Artwork

Jen Wink Abstract/Geometric Artwork

Jen Wink Abstract/Geometric Artwork

Buy Jen Wink’s geometric artwork at Uprise Art here and follow her on facebook. For more illustration featured on Brogues In A Coffee Bar click here and don’t forget you can see updates and follow me on Twitter!

Will Cotton Artwork

Sugar Rush: The Art Of Will Cotton

Can you guess what I am craving? The scrumptious art by American artist Will Cotton spans many disciplines from sculpture and painting to drawing. He creates surreal scenes from candy, cake and all things bad for your teeth. Will Cotton creates our desires, childhood memories and dreams. I just want to jump in to the scrummy cake towers.

Will Cotton Artwork 'Delicious'

Will Cotton Cake Sculpture

Will Cotton Art... 'The Deferred Promise of Complete Satisfaction'

Will Cotton 'Sweet'

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Bec Winnel Portrait Art

Bec Winnel Portraiture

Bec Winnel is an accomplished Australian illustrator and artist, her stunning portraiture combines the precision of a graphic artist with the emotiveness of a painter. She uses mixed media, from pastel, watercolour, coloured pencil and paper cuts to create soft, ethereal portraits of dream like women. She uses beautiful models to show us the romanticism and haunting feeling of femininity. Often with a pastel colour palette her girls are soft, hazy and hyperreal…

Her original pieces range from $300 (AUS Dollers) and you can also buy her prints from $40.

Delphine Lebourgeois - Photo de Classe 2014 (launching at The Other Art Fair)

The Girl Has A Gun: Delphine Lebourgeois

Delphine Lebourgeois, a graduate from Central Saint Martins has been working in London as an illustrator for more than 10 years, her works and prints are now extremely collectable and on 16th-19th October she will be launching an exciting new collection at The Other Art Fair, Brick Lane, London.

Primarily interested in the power of crowds and the masses her new collection of artwork titled ‘The Girl Has A Gun’ depicts army like groups of women layered with rich colours and transparent human forms. Her women are both elegant and menacing, some in protective head gear and unusual fashions….

Delphine has been the winner of Image 29 critics award (2009) and Nominated by public Vote for the Club Monaco Emerging Artist Award in November 2011. You can buy very low edition prints of her illustrations from approx £300-£700. Contact here here but even better go and see her new collection in the flesh at The Other Art Fair (visiting info here).

Mark Powell

Drawings by Mark Powell

I haven’t got much for you to read today. Purely because the artwork from Mark Powell needs no introduction, they are absolutely mesmerizing. However, for a bit of background information Mark Powell he graduated from his fine art degree in 2006 and has since exhibited in America, Europe and across the UK. He uses found paper, canvases and images to draw over using his trust biro pen…

To buy prints of Mark’s work visit his website here.

Norman Rockwell

Norman Rockwell: The American Mirror

Following a big collection release in my day job I have been doing a lot of research into the art of Norman Rockwell. I never realised the extent of his vast artistic influence and so have decided to share with you a new book which I have discovered. It might make you think and reconsider your initial impressions of Rockwell’s work.

Norman Rockwell was born in 1894 and he is most famous for his cover illustrations depicting everyday life scenarios that he created for The Saturday Evening Post Magazine. He created work for them for over four decades and is one of the most popular 20th century American artists of his time. His work is seen as the precursor to modern pop art as we know it as well as influencing the photo realist and comic book movement. Having little faith in himself and his talent he referred to himself as an illustrator. His most recognisable characters include World War Two private Willie Gillis and Rosie The Riveter – a common icon of feminism in America (see more of his famous artworks). Providing 1950’s America with a mirror showing it’s aspirations and dreams, he portrays a togetherness and decency in his perhaps idealistic views of the home and family cheer. For me his work is nostalgic and quintessentially American. But is it?

A new book (published in November 2013) called ‘American Mirror: The Art of Norman Rockwell’ by critic Deborah Solomon has sparked off quite a debate about his iconic artwork. If you are a fan I would stop reading now… Deborah Solomon takes evidence from unpublished papers and controversially writes about who she describes as the real Norman Rockwell. She describes him as an obsessive personality who…

“Wore his shoes too small, washed his paintings with Ivory Soap, and relied on the redemptive power of storytelling to stave off depression”.

He frequently pictured innocent boys alongside burly men and it is widely known that he saw himself as the boys. Read into this what you will but Deborah Solomon spares no punches and it seems Rockwell cannot do anything without this biography finding sexual overtones. It leaves the reader questioning how they feel about his work. She writes:

“The thrill of his work is that he was able to use a commercial form [that of magazine illustration] to thrash out his private obsessions.”

Despite this, his new biography brilliantly explains why Rockwell deserves to be remembered as a great American master. There is nothing I love more than a bit of nostalgia and vintage charm. I adore his bold use of colour, see some of my favourite below. How do you see them? I wonder if you see them the same after reading Deborah Solomon’s biography, all comments welcome.


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