Why Did you start brogues in a coffee bar?…

In my day job I am an Art Consultant (based in Norwich), I decided to start Brogues In A Coffee Bar in April 2014 to share the inspirational ideas and artwork’s that I was encountering every day in the gallery. Over time it progressed to wanting to share books that I have enjoyed and exhibition reviews. With the aim to bring affordable art and emerging talents to ordinary homes, most of all I wanted to show that you shouldn’t be intimidated to go into art galleries and museums. I see so many people peeking through the gallery window, get in and get inspired!

What are your favourite artists?…

That is a very difficult question for me, there are just so many! I adore anything with colour, inspired by the wilds of nature. I also have a passion for conceptual art, amongst my favourite artists are also French conceptualist Sophie Calle (who I have featured several times on the blog, see here). When it comes to artwork sometimes, you never know what is going to grab you. I often like artwork but cannot explain why – they speak to your soul and I may like one particular painting from an artist but not the others. It’s all about an emotional connection.

WHat is your favourite medium and why?…

My favourite medium has to be painting, I adore how versatile it is. The richness and texture you can get with paint is stunning and with such a wide range of inspiration to work from there is nothing you can’t do with a bit of oil and a brush.

do you create your own artwork?…

I don’t. I did graduate in 2009 from my BA Hone Fine Art where I focused on painting and ceramics but I haven’t created my own work for many years. I see Brogues In A Coffee Bar and writing as my creative outlook now, it is much more fun discovering and selling other peoples artwork than making my own.

how can i buy artwork via brogues in a coffee bar?…

Well, this is a little bit of a work in progress.As well as my day job, I am an ambassador for Artfetch and at the moment I am featuring an artist each month and you can buy all artworks pictured in this feature by simply contacting me. All artwork sold comes directly from the artist studio via Artfetch… Artfetch changes the way the world discovers and collects art by emerging and young artists. If you have any size or budget parameters then please do not hesitate to let me know as there may be some artwork which suits you more that isn’t necessarily featured on the blog or the Artfetch website.

How do i know if a piece of art is available?…

All artwork featured in my Artist Of The Month is available for purchase. I will try my best to keep up with what has already sold by indicating “SOLD” underneath the images. However, there may be others available that I have not featured. If you have any queries please contact me.

how is artwork shipped?…

For all T&C’s and shipping details when purchasing artwork see the Artfetch website here. All artwork available on Brogues In A Coffee Bar is purchased through Artfetch as I am acting as their ambassador and freelance art consultant.

do you take submissions?…

Yes, I always love discovering new artists. If you would like to submit your artwork please use the contact form and be sure to include a link to your website so I can see images of your work. You never know, if I like, I’ll feature!



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