Blandine Bardeau Artwork

Blandine Bardeau: Painting, Sculpture and All-Round Creative

I was initially drawn to French artist Blandine Bardeau’s paintings and collage work. Working from London and inspired by Japan her work focuses our attention on colour and perception. The beings that exist in her intricate work seem to want to escape from their restrictive frames and make their home as a three dimensional work. I adore the explosion of colour which then melts onto the gallery wall…

With her roots in fashion design, having graduated from BA Fashion Design Central Saint Martins, her paintings engage in a dialogue with her wonderfully kitsch and quirky soft sculptures (see images below). These 3D forms bring Blandine’s imagination alive, I have never come across any artist who uses objects and textiles in such a painterly fashion…

Blandine Bardeau recently exhibited her work in The Other Art Fair, London and is a part of the NOHO Artists collective. You can see her work until February 2015 at The Curious Duke Gallery, London.

Julie Cockburn

Threads: Textile In Art & Design

So, as you probably know I have been a bit quiet of lately. I’ve had a well deserved holiday exploring the south of The Netherlands. I traveled through Amsterdam to Utrecht, Eindhoven, Helmond, Nijmagen and Arnham and have fallen head over heals for the country! Visiting many galleries and museums including the obligatory Rijkmuseum, of course. However, my favorite of the week was at The Museum Of Modern Art, Arnhem…

 I was lucky enough to arrive in Arnhem on the last day of the exhibition called Threads: Textile In Art & Design. A multidisciplinary exhibition exploring more than 20 international artists and designers who experiment with the medium of thread and textiles.

 Among others the work of Julie Cockburn and Chiharu Shiota caught my eye. Julie Cockburn is a London based artist who embellishes found photographs using delicately applied threads. Her work takes second hand objects and, using creativity, imbues them with beauty, colour and value. When I saw her small scale works from the other side of the room I was instantly captivated.

Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota’s installation titled “Life Of Thread” is an imposing web of stretched threads which creates a tension and labyrinth that is intended to represent the different life choices we have to make at different intersections throughout life. Chiharu’s work centers around the theme of memory, dreams and fear.

As well as being a secure cocoon it certainly made me feel anxious, as if you would get sucked in if you walked too close to the web. In the center of the web there is a vintage sewing machine that seems to be creating the thread, showing that perhaps sometimes our choices and thoughts can become entangled and complicated.

Ana Teresa Barboza: Embroidered Landscapes

Using embroidery stitched with clothing and found objects Ana Teresa Barboza creates decorative textile artworks that flow off the wall and into the gallery space. Existing in between tapestry and sculpture her work flourishes outside of it’s wooden embroidery hoop…

Ana Teresa Barboza

You can see more of her work on her website. Discovered via: Colossal.

El Antsui Recycled Sculpture

Found Object Sculpture: El Anatsui

After recently meeting some extended family who came to the UK all the way from Nigeria I have become fascinated with anything from that part of the world and have just discovered these fantastic wall sculptures. At first glance I thought they were textiles, but no! World renowned artist El Anatsui (who was born in Ghana but works out of Nigeria) uses found objects such as: wood, bottle tops, nails and recycled printing plates to create his monumental wall sculptures. I am smitten!