Jamie North - Concrete

Terraforms: Jamie North

Recently exhibited at The Sarah Cottier Gallery Jamie North’s sculptures ‘Terraforms’ are created using a mix of cement, limestone, marble waste, steel slag and coal ash. He infuses these large industrial forms with plants native to Australia. They grow within the sculpture and slowly infiltrate the man made structures. They remind me of how nature slowly reclaims back decaying abandoned buildings – just beautiful!

Jamie North - Terraforms 2014

Jamie North - Terraforms 2014

Jamie North - Terraforms 2014

Jamie North - Terraforms 2014

See more of Jamie North’s work on his website here.

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City'

Floating Cities by Nina Lindgren

Stockholm based artist and illustrator Nina Lindgren creates intricate cardboard cities, pieced together with care and with teeny tiny window’s lit up. It makes you wonder what wonderful stories each little home hides. Hanging about 2 metres in diameter don’t you just want to peek into the floating cities windows like a giant?

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City'

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City'

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City'

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City' (being installed)

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City' Exhibition

This stunning piece was exhibited at ArtRebels gallery, Copenhagen, May-June 2014 and you can see more of her work on her fantastic website here.

Will Cotton Artwork

Sugar Rush: The Art Of Will Cotton

Can you guess what I am craving? The scrumptious art by American artist Will Cotton spans many disciplines from sculpture and painting to drawing. He creates surreal scenes from candy, cake and all things bad for your teeth. Will Cotton creates our desires, childhood memories and dreams. I just want to jump in to the scrummy cake towers.

Will Cotton Artwork 'Delicious'

Will Cotton Cake Sculpture

Will Cotton Art... 'The Deferred Promise of Complete Satisfaction'

Will Cotton 'Sweet'

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Cynthia Greig 'Representations'

Turning 3D into 2D: ‘Representations’ by Cynthia Grieg

Many artists have the fantastic ability to make any painting seem 3D, take Conrad Jon Godly’s mountainous oil’s for example. However, I have never come across anyone who has made 3D objects look two-dimensional like Detroit artist Cynthia Greig does. She plays with the visual nature of first impressions and skews our perception by turning real objects into flat 2D images. Using ordinary white house paint she white washes the objects (from teapots to real fruit and veg) and before photographing, outlines them using charcoal. This bold black outline reduces them to their basic forms and makes the objects appear hand drawn. Your eye know’s something is off, but what? So simple but effective…

Maico Akiba - 100 Years Later (Apple Keyboard)

100 Years Later: Maico Akiba

What would the gadgets and technology of today look like in 100 years time? Ever wondered what people of the future will think when opening those time capsules buried around the millennium? Well, Japanese artist Maico Akiba can answer that question! In a project titled ‘100 Years Later’ illustrator and sculptor Maico Akiba has painted modern objects to look old and decayed….

 You too can have a 100 year old iPhone. Visit Maico Akiba’s shop.

Tacita Dean

Tacita Dean: The Book End Of Time

Ever wondered what a book would look like if it sat in a stream of salt water? Well, today’s your lucky day! Tacita Dean has answered the question for us in her artwork titled ‘The Book End Of Time’ (2013). She has taken J G Billard’s book ‘The Voices Of Time’ (written in 1960) and has left it underwater for 6 weeks. The result is stunning – a crystallised, shining fragile object that has been documented using photography to avoid breaking it. The piece has been used in her recent film artwork ‘JG’ which compares the writing of J G Ballard to Robert Smithsons ‘Spiral Jetty’.

When I saw this image, it struck me as beautiful and delicate. I once had a copy of Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’ stuck in the apple tree of my childhood garden. It had rained and all sorts of nasties had sheltered amongst the pages making the book unreadable and in a way, turned it back to nature – this reminds me of that, I could look at it for hours.

Berta Fischer Sculpture

Redefining Gallery Space With Berta Fischer

Here’s a little something to brighten your rainy day. If you love colour, you’re going to adore these bold wall sculptures! Created using synthetic acrylic they have a very organic feel to them as they bend and melt around the architecture. Berlin based artist Berta Fischer redefines gallery spaces with large works that often stretch from floor to ceiling as they seem to grow around the space. They own any architectural space with their vibrant colours and yet aren’t overbearing – they’re light and agile which creates a sense of fragility.

El Antsui Recycled Sculpture

Found Object Sculpture: El Anatsui

After recently meeting some extended family who came to the UK all the way from Nigeria I have become fascinated with anything from that part of the world and have just discovered these fantastic wall sculptures. At first glance I thought they were textiles, but no! World renowned artist El Anatsui (who was born in Ghana but works out of Nigeria) uses found objects such as: wood, bottle tops, nails and recycled printing plates to create his monumental wall sculptures. I am smitten!