Ben Young - Close up

Ben Young: Glass Art

Amazingly Ben Young is a completely self taught contemporary sculptor, working with glass and concrete (an unusual mix you might think) to create wonderfully simple forms inspired by his native New Zealand. All of his work is meticulously handmade, no machines, no high tech gizmos. I love how the light plays and bounces through each layer of glass. If he created table top sized artwork’s I’d have one in a shot!

Dustin Yellin - Seascape

Zulu Cave No.2: Dustin Yellin

Considering I am currently staying in a log cabin in the forest it seemed fitting to feature the work by an artist I have been following for a while, Dustin Yellin. He uses multiple layers of glass, each individually embellished and sandwiches together to create sculptural paintings on glass. They remind me of these funny things my Nan used to make – memories and found objects cast into resin. His work is tactile, multi-dimensional and truly mesmerizing…

See more and some larger pieces on his website.