Jamie North - Concrete

Terraforms: Jamie North

Recently exhibited at The Sarah Cottier Gallery Jamie North’s sculptures ‘Terraforms’ are created using a mix of cement, limestone, marble waste, steel slag and coal ash. He infuses these large industrial forms with plants native to Australia. They grow within the sculpture and slowly infiltrate the man made structures. They remind me of how nature slowly reclaims back decaying abandoned buildings – just beautiful!

Jamie North - Terraforms 2014

Jamie North - Terraforms 2014

Jamie North - Terraforms 2014

Jamie North - Terraforms 2014

See more of Jamie North’s work on his website here.

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City'

Floating Cities by Nina Lindgren

Stockholm based artist and illustrator Nina Lindgren creates intricate cardboard cities, pieced together with care and with teeny tiny window’s lit up. It makes you wonder what wonderful stories each little home hides. Hanging about 2 metres in diameter don’t you just want to peek into the floating cities windows like a giant?

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City'

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City'

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City'

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City' (being installed)

Nina Lindgren 'Floating City' Exhibition

This stunning piece was exhibited at ArtRebels gallery, Copenhagen, May-June 2014 and you can see more of her work on her fantastic website here.

Stuart Mcalpine Miller Art

The Best of Brogues In A Coffee Bar 2014

So, it’s almost 2015! A new year and almost 10 months since the beginning of Brogues In A Coffee Bar. I must say what a year it has been… Firstly, let me thank all you wonderful readers and followers. I have some exciting things coming up in 2015, more art, sculpture, book reviews and more artist interviews. To keep informed and receive exclusive news and art inspiration you can join the Brogues In A Coffee Bar mailing list here.

To celebrate a fantastic first 10 months blogging here is a list of the top 15 posts from 2014…

 1) Being my first artist interview, this is also my personal favourite. Malcolm Ryan is such a lovely man, his work is just stunning. Read more in Artist Interview: Domestic Paintings By Malcolm Ryan.

2) Another artist interview with Neill Fuller, I will definitely be writing more interviews for you guys!

3) The Enchanting and Secret World of Ryder.

4) My exhibition review and memoir from a trip to The Museum Of Modern Art in Arnhem, Holland…Threads: Textiles In Art & Design.

5) A highlight from 2014 has to be being nominated for the UK Blog Awards which went to pubic vote throughout November. To celebrate this I held Brogues In A Coffee Bar’s very first art giveaway.

6) An early post featuring Nic Joly’s Dantes Interno.

7) Folkestone Triennial 2014: The Goldrush.

8) Overlapping Images & The Eroticism Of Everyday Life featuring artwork from Stuart McAlpine Miller, Chris Acheson and Horyon Lee.

9) Another post about sculptor Nic Joly… World War One commemoration, Never Forgotten.

10) Book Review: Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix… One of the most terrifying books I have read in a long time!

11) Raphael Mazzucco ‘Montauk’ Launch, Mayfair.

12) ‘Olivia’ by Alex Russell Flint, she is just stunning!

13) Drawings by Mark Powell.

14) Frieze Art Fair feature Corrado K, AKA: ‘The Collector’

15) It’s the secret artist again, painting under a pseudonym Ryder ‘Winter’s Warm Hearts’.

For more inspiration, affordable artwork and features do keep checking back in 2015!

Will Cotton Artwork

Sugar Rush: The Art Of Will Cotton

Can you guess what I am craving? The scrumptious art by American artist Will Cotton spans many disciplines from sculpture and painting to drawing. He creates surreal scenes from candy, cake and all things bad for your teeth. Will Cotton creates our desires, childhood memories and dreams. I just want to jump in to the scrummy cake towers.

Will Cotton Artwork 'Delicious'

Will Cotton Cake Sculpture

Will Cotton Art... 'The Deferred Promise of Complete Satisfaction'

Will Cotton 'Sweet'

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Dream Room V&A Installation

V&A Exhibition: At Home In A Dolls House

For those of you who are fans of The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton (which I reviewed here) I have some exciting news… The Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood have a new exhibition opening on 13th December exhibiting some of the most prized and best-loved dolls houses in the UK. Titled ‘Small Stories: At Home In A Dolls House’ the exhibition will showcase the fascinating stories behind the dollshouse history and takes you on a journey through the history of the home as well as the relationships and people who live within them. It baffles me how The V&A have managed to condense there vast collection of dolls houses down to just 12 to exhibit in ‘Small Stories’ – the exhibition shows a range spanning 300 years of manor houses, Victorian town houses, high rise flats and even the humble suburban semi.

The V&A have resorted over 1200 miniature dolls house objects dated from 1712-2001 and these will be displayed alongside a specially commissioned art installation called ‘Dream House’. 19 contemporary designers have been commissioned to create their very own miniature dream room, complete with people and a fully decorated miniature interior. What a fantastic idea! The designers involved, namely Katy Christianson and Molly Meg (see their dolls houses below), and many more have decorated their own rooms and as a finale for the exhibition they come together to form a larger installation. The Museum of Childhood says…

 Many of the dolls’ houses in the Small Stories exhibition were made as ideal spaces, or fantasy rooms. In miniature, we can experiment freely and try things otherwise not possible. So for Dream House, designers were asked to think about their own desirable rooms – aspirational, fantastical, whimsical, technological, practical or historical.

 I have *GOT* to go and see this! A new book has also been written by Halina Pasierbska to accompany the show (this can be purchased at the exhibition for £14.99) and for those of you who follow the wonderful author of The Miniaturist on Twitter (if not, why don’t you?!) she has confirmed that she will be opening the exhibition. Apparently, one of the creators of the early dolls houses got into so much debt making her miniature town she had to rely on charity from nuns to live!

Small Stories: At Home In A Dolls House will run in London until 6th September 2015 so theres plenty of time to make sure you don’t miss out. The museum are also holding events throughout the exhibition such as: a fun tour of haunted dolls houses.

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Olivia Peake Neo-Futurist Artwork

Neo-Futurism By Olivia Peake

Having graduated from Birmingham School of Art in just 2013 Olivia Peake’s paintings and sculptural installations are bright, bold and intricate. Her work looks how I would imagine the inner working’s of modern buildings with lines criss-crossing each other and angled shapes playing in the modern space. As if her work is in a battle with itself, from the virtual world of her paintings to the actual world of three dimensional installations. I really like the fluorescent colours in Olivia’s work, they explore how architecture makes you feel and expresses an excitement for geometry and pure form.

To purchase Olivia Peake’s artwork contact me! There may also be other pieces available that aren’t pictured here.

Blandine Bardeau Artwork

Blandine Bardeau: Painting, Sculpture and All-Round Creative

I was initially drawn to French artist Blandine Bardeau’s paintings and collage work. Working from London and inspired by Japan her work focuses our attention on colour and perception. The beings that exist in her intricate work seem to want to escape from their restrictive frames and make their home as a three dimensional work. I adore the explosion of colour which then melts onto the gallery wall…

With her roots in fashion design, having graduated from BA Fashion Design Central Saint Martins, her paintings engage in a dialogue with her wonderfully kitsch and quirky soft sculptures (see images below). These 3D forms bring Blandine’s imagination alive, I have never come across any artist who uses objects and textiles in such a painterly fashion…

Blandine Bardeau recently exhibited her work in The Other Art Fair, London and is a part of the NOHO Artists collective. You can see her work until February 2015 at The Curious Duke Gallery, London.

The Collector

Frieze London 2014: Corrado N, AKA ‘The Collector’

It has a fish preserved in formaldehyde, 10 people wearing one hat, a giant dice (Gagosian Gallery) and The Smile Face Museum. Of course, it’s Frieze London time again. One of the world leading art fairs housed in Regents Park is the most important date in the calender of many galleries, collectors and art lovers alike. I have always followed what goes on, I find the whole spectacle that is Frieze fascinating. From the fashions, heals are out and polo necks in this year in case you wondered, to finding out astonishing facts about the fairs visitors and artists. Did you know  200 kilos of coffee will be consumed over the 3 day event?!

There is usually the typical piece of artwork used as a brash marketing strategy for the gallery. However, this year Cork Street gallery Helly Nahmad have captured the media’s attention with it’s unusual display showing a staged set from the louche Paris appartment from 1968, called Corrado N a k a ‘The Collector’. A massive difference to the stark white walls and minimal displays which so often disorientates when walking around the fair (it’s no wonder so many coffee breaks are needed), Helly Nahmad have hung Picasso’s and Miro’s alongside socialist posters and hung a Lucio Fontana above a fake desk.

In an attempt to distill the philosophy of what the ideal collector should be the gallery hired set designer Robin Brown to create the cluttered space. Complete with dirty dishes, keys strewn on top of a Warhol book and it’s very own unmade bed. When talking about the ideal collector the creator says he is…

Passionate, intellectual, reclusive. He’s not living to entertain people here, he’s living and breathing art.

The piece has a wonderful nostalgia which I find so refreshing to see at Frieze. It reminds me of the 2008 Frieze Project by Kling & Bang. Where an interactive Sirkus, a bar in downtown Reykjavik, was constructed within a booth. I remember walking in with my Dad for a drink and suddenly feeling like I’d actually come in from the Icelandic cold, the atmosphere was fantastic.

Corrado N a k a ‘The Collector’ is immersive and emotional and represents so many older art collectors environments, it is entirely unexpected. In it’s way it acts as an intimate diary for so many collectors in the art world and as a key performance has attracted a lot of attention throughout the world. See more images below…

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