Jackie Saccoccio Artwork

Sparking Colour by Jackie Saccoccio

Using paint in various states of liquidity Jackie Saccoccio abstract, colourful paintings comprise of 10-15 layers. Her work is opulent and a joy to see – so much abstraction is too concerned with being an intense, abject experience. I like how the paint flows in different directions and creates a network of untraceable lines. These should definitely brighten up your day…

Jackie Saccoccio Artwork

Jackie Saccoccio Artwork

Jackie Saccoccio Exhibition

Jackie Saccoccio Artwork

Abstract artwork by Joanne Greenbaum

Tangled Forms by Joanne Greenbaum

Joanne Greenbaum’s stunning work tangles various techniques and colours. Clustering architectural forms, irregular shapes and abstract scribbles. I love the playfulness in her biomorphic, natural paintings, they have an exciting spontaneity. It’s like when you try to draw something without taking the nib of the pen off the paper…

Joanne Greenbaum

Abstract artwork by Joanne Greenbaum

Abstract artwork by Joanne Greenbaum

Abstract artwork by Joanne Greenbaum

You can buy Joanne Greenbaum original paintings from $15,000-$20,000. However, prints range from $1,200. If you are inspired by colour you should definitely follow her Tumblr blog: Untitled Still Life. For more inspirational art and features on Brogues In A Coffee Bar click here and don’t forget you can see updates and follow me on Twitter!

Karin Waskiewicz Artwork

Karin Waskiewicz: Like Painting You’ve Never Seen Before

A lot of the time image’s of painting’s don’t do the artwork justice and that is certainly true for Karin Waskiewicz artwork! When creating her abstract, colourful pieces Karin first pours layers and layers of acrylic paint on top of each other, waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next. She then gouges and digs away at the dry paint to reveal the layers underneath. Have you ever peeled paint off a plastic palette? It is so satisfying! After carving and sanding away the acrylic layers typographic forms create dream like landscapes that investigate the medium of paint. Why did I not think of this?!

Karin Waskiewicz Artwork

Karin Waskiewicz Artwork



See Karin Waskiewicz’s recent work on her websiteFor more inspirational art and features on Brogues In A Coffee Bar click here and don’t forget you can see updates and follow me on Twitter!

Brian Belott Sock Painting

Brian Belott: One To Watch

In July this year Sotheby’s marked New York artist Brian Belott as ‘One To Watch’. Here’s why… Brian Belott is an artist who pushes the boundaries of painting, he uses socks (yes, I said socks) as a starting point for his colourful geometric paintings. It seems absurd for me to gush over paintings made using socks however, I love the colour of Belott’s work. It reminds me of a raw, more expressive Frank Stella. What do you think? Can you spot the socks? I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

Olivia Peake Neo-Futurist Artwork

Neo-Futurism By Olivia Peake

Having graduated from Birmingham School of Art in just 2013 Olivia Peake’s paintings and sculptural installations are bright, bold and intricate. Her work looks how I would imagine the inner working’s of modern buildings with lines criss-crossing each other and angled shapes playing in the modern space. As if her work is in a battle with itself, from the virtual world of her paintings to the actual world of three dimensional installations. I really like the fluorescent colours in Olivia’s work, they explore how architecture makes you feel and expresses an excitement for geometry and pure form.

To purchase Olivia Peake’s artwork contact me! There may also be other pieces available that aren’t pictured here.

Wyatt Kahn Raw Canvas

Deconstructing Paintings With Raw Canvas

I recently read an article from contemporary art guru and sales specialist at Artsy Lara Bjork. She has introduced me to the stunning work of three male artists who use raw canvases and fabric as their primary medium. The word “abstract” is always imbued with notions of colour and busyness but these works are uncomplicated and calm.

David Ostrowski experiments with speed, imperfection and error. He reconstructs what we see as conventional painting techniques and errors are played off on one another to create an unexpected beauty. He layers, deletes ideas and overwrite decisions. He works with oil and lacquer on large areas of cream and white and experiments using found objects from his studio, such as: newspaper and dirt. I love the silence in his work…


Ethan Cook is a New York based painter with no paint in his studio. His conceptually driven process based practice involves weaving different materials that have been stretched, boiled, bleached, crumpled and painted. His work exposes the human touch in weaving and shows that canvases made using machines are far superior.

Another contemporary artist who has been constructing canvases is Wyatt Kahn. Using MDF panels and covering them with untreated, raw canvas Kahn then assembles the three dimensional forms together to create a two dimensional work. Again, exploring the realm of composition his work is far from flat. I like the earthy tones in his canvas artworks, they’re organic yet filled with juxtaposing sharp edges. The gaps left between the canvases, sometimes a hairline, other times showing the gallery wall allow his work to tread on the fine line between painting and sculpture.

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Blandine Bardeau Artwork

Blandine Bardeau: Painting, Sculpture and All-Round Creative

I was initially drawn to French artist Blandine Bardeau’s paintings and collage work. Working from London and inspired by Japan her work focuses our attention on colour and perception. The beings that exist in her intricate work seem to want to escape from their restrictive frames and make their home as a three dimensional work. I adore the explosion of colour which then melts onto the gallery wall…

With her roots in fashion design, having graduated from BA Fashion Design Central Saint Martins, her paintings engage in a dialogue with her wonderfully kitsch and quirky soft sculptures (see images below). These 3D forms bring Blandine’s imagination alive, I have never come across any artist who uses objects and textiles in such a painterly fashion…

Blandine Bardeau recently exhibited her work in The Other Art Fair, London and is a part of the NOHO Artists collective. You can see her work until February 2015 at The Curious Duke Gallery, London.

Lisa Ziwei Wang: Astronauts On Earth Or Strangers (2013)

Painting Is Expression: Lisa Ziwei Wang

Caught between abstraction and representation Chinese artist Lisa Ziwei Wang’s oil on linen paintings spill out of the wall, with earthy colours melting into each other she creates remarkable imagined landscapes. I adore how your eye is drawn up the imagined landscape and through the surreal scenes. There is a lovely flow to the work with an undercurrent that something just isn’t right, adding an uneasiness that you can’t take your eyes off.

You can buy her original paintings (approx 600 euros upwards depending on size) contact me to find out more.