Jane Radstrom 'Girl In White'

The Girl Series by Jane Radstrom

There is something about using multiple images and poses in one portrait that I just adore! The pastel work by Jane Radstrom remind me of romantic double exposed photography. Focusing on the nuances and expression of body language Jane’s work shows a realistic portrayal of her girls. I like how she’s managed to capture a split second movement looking right into their soul…

Jane Radstrom '20 / 20'

Jane Radstrom Artwork

Jane Radstrom

Jane Radstrom 'Girl In Grey And Yellow'

Jane Radstrom 'Girl At Play'

Jane Radstrom is represented by The Wally Workman Gallery and her work starts at around $1,600.

Jackie Saccoccio Artwork

Sparking Colour by Jackie Saccoccio

Using paint in various states of liquidity Jackie Saccoccio abstract, colourful paintings comprise of 10-15 layers. Her work is opulent and a joy to see – so much abstraction is too concerned with being an intense, abject experience. I like how the paint flows in different directions and creates a network of untraceable lines. These should definitely brighten up your day…

Jackie Saccoccio Artwork

Jackie Saccoccio Artwork

Jackie Saccoccio Exhibition

Jackie Saccoccio Artwork

Jeremy Miranda Artwork

A Greenhouse World: Jeremy Miranda

I adore gardening and dream of having my own lush greenhouse so these surreal paintings by Jeremy Miranda appeal to me. Working in acrylic paint Jeremy creates structures radiating warm light within a sparse environment. Inspired by nature, technology and memory I love how inviting his greenhouse like homes are.

Jeremy Miranda Artwork

Jeremy Miranda Artwork

Jeremy Miranda Artwork

Jeremy Miranda Artwork

Jeremy Miranda Artwork

You can buy Jeremy Miranda’s original artwork from $1,500 – available from Etsy and/or Nahcotta and prints range from £13 for 8″ x 10″, I’m so tempted!

Malcolm Ryan - "The Bookshop"

Exclusive: Malcolm Ryan In 2015

Last year I featured my very first artist interview with the wonderful artist Malcolm Ryan, it was one of your favourite posts ever on Brogues In A Coffee Bar! After interviewing him about his beautiful work a friendship has blossomed and he has been kind enough to send me a sneak preview of some new work that he’s been working on… I just had to share!

Inspired by a recent trip to London Malcolm Ryan has captured the hustle and bustle of the city and yet manages to imbue a stillness to the scene, as if time has stopped in the most perfect moment.  His work always give me shivers…

Malcolm Ryan - "Falling Rain Fading Day"

Malcolm Ryan - "The Bookshop"

Malcolm Ryan - "Waiting for the lift"

See more paintings by Malcolm Ryan or to purchase his work see here. To read more in my interview with him click here.

Charlotte Caron Animal Paintings

Your Inner Animal With Charlotte Caron

 If you were an animal what would you be? I discovered Charlotte Caron’s artwork a while ago… She uses photography combined with acrylic painting to create these adorable animal characters. Everyone wears a mask in society and by painting animal faces over portrait’s Charlotte Caron shows just how entwined with those masks we become. The fox looks sneaky, the hawk is harsh, the deer seems gentle…

Charlotte Caron - Fox

Charlotte Caron - Hawk

Charlotte Caron Animal Paintings

Charlotte Caron 'VASSILISSA'

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Abstract artwork by Joanne Greenbaum

Tangled Forms by Joanne Greenbaum

Joanne Greenbaum’s stunning work tangles various techniques and colours. Clustering architectural forms, irregular shapes and abstract scribbles. I love the playfulness in her biomorphic, natural paintings, they have an exciting spontaneity. It’s like when you try to draw something without taking the nib of the pen off the paper…

Joanne Greenbaum

Abstract artwork by Joanne Greenbaum

Abstract artwork by Joanne Greenbaum

Abstract artwork by Joanne Greenbaum

You can buy Joanne Greenbaum original paintings from $15,000-$20,000. However, prints range from $1,200. If you are inspired by colour you should definitely follow her Tumblr blog: Untitled Still Life. For more inspirational art and features on Brogues In A Coffee Bar click here and don’t forget you can see updates and follow me on Twitter!

Tracy Fitzgerald - Floral Kitchen

Artist Of The Month: Tracy Fitzgerald

So, it’s 2015! I hope all you lovely readers have had a wonderful Christmas and new year. By the way did you see Brogues In A Coffee Bar’s best creative blog posts from 2014?

Allow me to introduce my new monthly feature… Artist of the month! All artists featured throughout 2015 are emerging talents within the artworld and can be purchased via Brogues In A Coffee Bar (for more information see the bottom of this post). So why not go for it… Don’t just look through the gallery window, get in and explore! For January I would like to present Irish painter Tracy Fitzgerald… Her cosy interiors invite you in and hark back to those floral, orange and avocado homes of the 1960’s-70’s – I just adore them. She takes inspiration from her memory of her Nanna’s home which is exactly what I dream my home to look like.

Tracy Fitzgerald Artwork

Tracy Fitzgerald - Floral Kitchen

Tracy Fitzgerald - Green Kitchen

Tracy Fitzgerald - Crane Houses

Tracy Fitzgerald - Buildings Cologne

Like the Brogues In A Coffee Bar first artist of the month? Well, I am excited to announce that I am now working alongside Artfetch in my new freelance art consultancy venture. Therefore, all of the artwork featured in my artist of the month can be purchased online! You can buy Tracy Fitzgerald’s original artwork (prices range from 175 euros) For more information just contact me!,or just send me a quick tweet!

Stuart Mcalpine Miller Art

The Best of Brogues In A Coffee Bar 2014

So, it’s almost 2015! A new year and almost 10 months since the beginning of Brogues In A Coffee Bar. I must say what a year it has been… Firstly, let me thank all you wonderful readers and followers. I have some exciting things coming up in 2015, more art, sculpture, book reviews and more artist interviews. To keep informed and receive exclusive news and art inspiration you can join the Brogues In A Coffee Bar mailing list here.

To celebrate a fantastic first 10 months blogging here is a list of the top 15 posts from 2014…

 1) Being my first artist interview, this is also my personal favourite. Malcolm Ryan is such a lovely man, his work is just stunning. Read more in Artist Interview: Domestic Paintings By Malcolm Ryan.

2) Another artist interview with Neill Fuller, I will definitely be writing more interviews for you guys!

3) The Enchanting and Secret World of Ryder.

4) My exhibition review and memoir from a trip to The Museum Of Modern Art in Arnhem, Holland…Threads: Textiles In Art & Design.

5) A highlight from 2014 has to be being nominated for the UK Blog Awards which went to pubic vote throughout November. To celebrate this I held Brogues In A Coffee Bar’s very first art giveaway.

6) An early post featuring Nic Joly’s Dantes Interno.

7) Folkestone Triennial 2014: The Goldrush.

8) Overlapping Images & The Eroticism Of Everyday Life featuring artwork from Stuart McAlpine Miller, Chris Acheson and Horyon Lee.

9) Another post about sculptor Nic Joly… World War One commemoration, Never Forgotten.

10) Book Review: Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix… One of the most terrifying books I have read in a long time!

11) Raphael Mazzucco ‘Montauk’ Launch, Mayfair.

12) ‘Olivia’ by Alex Russell Flint, she is just stunning!

13) Drawings by Mark Powell.

14) Frieze Art Fair feature Corrado K, AKA: ‘The Collector’

15) It’s the secret artist again, painting under a pseudonym Ryder ‘Winter’s Warm Hearts’.

For more inspiration, affordable artwork and features do keep checking back in 2015!