Willow Pattern

Melting Ceramics: Livia Marin

Oh my! I adore these ceramic sculptures by London based Chilean artist Livia Marin. Ceramic is such a delicate material and to see it melting is just mind boggling! Teapots, mugs, saucers and vases are not what they seem, even their patterns ooze into puddles. How does she do it?!

Livia Martin Ceramics

Livia Martin Ceramics

Livia Martin Ceramics

Livia Martin Ceramics

Livia Martin Ceramics

 If you like these you may also like Anna  Barlow’s scrummy work.

Anna Collette Hunt Ceramics

Step Into The Swarm With Anna Collette Hunt

When trawling the internet today for new ceramic artwork to feature I stumbled into Anna Collette Hunt’s swarm of ceramic insects. Anna Collette Hunt creates a vivid world that you can step into, filling installation spaces with thousands of hand crafted wings as they wind their way up the space and disperse into a magical endless world. Her stunning installations rekindle that childhood sense of curiosity and delight like when you blow away a wispy dandelion’s in summer.

Anna Collette Hunt Ceramics

Anna Collette Hunt Ceramics

Anna Collette Hunt Ceramics

She has recently been working on several home ware collections with Anthropology and you can buy her creepy crawlies via her online shop. She also creates these opulent statues that speak of the past, they’re curiously odd don’t you think?

Anna Collette Hunt Ceramic Statues

Anna Collette Hunt Ceramic Beetles

Korean Ceramic Artist Yee Sookyung

The Translated Vase: Yee Sookyung

Oh my! I have just discovered the sculptural ceramic work of Korean artist Yee Sookyung… Collected from the ceramic villages around Korea Yee Sookyung uses discarded fragments of imperfect ceramics to create her delicate assemblages. The bulbous shapes are highly suggestive and are gilded with 24 carat gold which takes the native Korean ceramics out of their traditional setting and allows them to become unusual creatures bubbling and undulating from Yee Sookyung’s imagination. I adore them!

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Sandra Shashou Sculpture

Sandra Shashou: Broken

Sandra Shashou is a renowned portrait painter, having exhibited her work in galleries as far as New York and Sotheby’s London she graduated from Chelsea Art School in 1980 and has recently created a collection to enter into the realm of contemporary sculpture. In a new series titled ‘Broken’ shards of fine bone china are used to create wonderfully kitsch sculpture. It must be so satisfying to smash the china! Her studio look’s like a wonder Aladdin’s cave of pastel colours and vintage charm, I would just love one of these on my wall…

Sandra’s sculptures sell for up to $20,000 and can be found via Artsy. You can also follow her on Twitter here.

Anna Barlow Ice Cream Ceramics

Spring Sunshine And Icecream: Anna Barlow Ceramics

I have just discovered (thanks to The Jealous Curator) these stunning works of art. On this bright sunny Sunday afternoon these look just delicious! Amazingly these are the work of Anna Barlow and they are made from ceramic. Yes, I repeat, ceramic! Ice cream is such a momentary thing and these ceramic works of art make them permanent, non-fading memories. As the porcelain appears to ooze and melt – you can almost taste their creaminess…

 You can purchase these yummy ceramics via The Bircha Gallery.