Trawling the art world for affordable art and inspirational ideas.

Wearer of beaten up brogues. Can be found drinking coffee, observing life from the coffee bar window.


I’m Laura, in my day job I am an art consultant representing some of the top UK artists. I’m a bit of a dreamer and I strongly believe it is the simple things in life that count. I am a collector of all things old with a story and pick up anything found on the seashore. First morning sunshine, trawling antique treasure troves, walks on the sand, sepia tones and seeing life through a lens makes me happy. These are a few of my favourite things, and yes, that should include raindrops on roses and brown paper packages tied up with string! I decided to start Brogues In A Coffee Bar to share all things that inspire me and to show that art doesn’t have to cost the world. I’m on a mission to bring affordable art to ordinary homes as well as make galleries and museum’s accessible to all. Often in my day job I see people peering through the gallery window, too intimidated to come in. It shouldn’t be like this!

With Brogues In A Coffee Bar I would like to break the barrier showing art as Picasso said…

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

I am proud to say that since starting Brogues In A Coffee Bar in April 2014 it has grown from strength to strength and you can now buy original artwork directly via Brogues In A Coffee Bar! Directly from the artist studio and thanks to Artfetch you can buy original artwork and limited edition prints through the blog… Each month I will be featuring an ARTIST OF THE MONTH, if any artwork featured catches your eye you can purchase it by simply filling in this quick contact form. To see more artwork that is available by the ARTIST OF THE MONTH email me or simply leave a comment.

If you are an artist/maker I always love seeing new work – please do not hesitate to contact me with images of your work and a website link. You never know, if I like, I’ll post. So contact me or tweet me! Alternatively, I am always up for a collaboration or writing for your blog/publication.


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