Jane Radstrom 'Girl In White'

The Girl Series by Jane Radstrom

There is something about using multiple images and poses in one portrait that I just adore! The pastel work by Jane Radstrom remind me of romantic double exposed photography. Focusing on the nuances and expression of body language Jane’s work shows a realistic portrayal of her girls. I like how she’s managed to capture a split second movement looking right into their soul…

Jane Radstrom '20 / 20'

Jane Radstrom Artwork

Jane Radstrom

Jane Radstrom 'Girl In Grey And Yellow'

Jane Radstrom 'Girl At Play'

Jane Radstrom is represented by The Wally Workman Gallery and her work starts at around $1,600.


One thought on “The Girl Series by Jane Radstrom

  1. Meg says:

    Really love these! I’m a fan of double exposure style painting, I love that it brings a sense of movement and emotion into the work. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Meg, Optical Intake

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